Adobe provides product demonstration and tutorial videos. these are excellent, with high quality videos and good explanations. There are not many of them posted for free.  A $50 per year subscription provides many more. Adobe sponsors forums for Photoshop Elements, where users discuss techniques and problems. Adobe provides RSS feeds for Photoshop and other products. is "a social learning site for Photoshop artists." It provides tutorials and design concepts for those interested in adding special effects to images using Photoshop. Featured tutorials include Tattoo Coming to LifeElectrifying Energy BeamsPhoenix Hair Effect, and  Making a Grungy Business Card.

Photoshop Tips & Tricks provides  a list of Photoshop tutorials.

Expert Village lists 492 on-line video tutorials on Photoshop. I tried a small sample and didn't come up with much. Some came up with messages telling that the video was missing, others were too low in resolution or too short to tell what was going on. However, there are bound to be some gems hidden in there.  Coder VOD  (VOD is video on demand) is a similar collection of Photoshop video tutorials, with the same problems with quality.


Charles Cramer's online gallery features extraordinary professional landscape photography.

Blogs is the "DIY - Photography Weblog."  The articles are in-depth and practical. This is a very popular blog for good reason.

The Online Photographer covers a wide variety of photographic subjects, but seems to me more oriented to photo equipment then other things. It is a good place to learn why that camera you bought not long ago is now hopelessly out of date.
is written by a profession from Calgary who specializes in travel photography.  There are quite a few articles on the business side of photography, best suited to pros and budding pros. There is also sound picture taking advice and advice on photo gear.

Digital Photography Review is as it says, all about reviewing cameras and equipment.  Comprehensive and up to date, it is one of the first places to look when you are contemplating the purchase of new camera.